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Re: Gym bags...

Originally Posted by Chris S Odell View Post
Curious, besides this board, how do y'all find your bags? Do most of you just search online, go to a local sports gear store? Should I do a booth at the next CF games to get the word out? I feel like my gear has been so useful for CF folks but so few know about it. Thoughts?

oh and the next shipment of the Core size Gear Bag is a little bit smaller due to feedback mostly from the CF crowd. The guy especially thought the mini was too small but the Core too big so we took it down just a little and they'll be in late Feb if you are interested. Thank you.
i don't even remember but i am pretty sure i was searching Google for a gym bag or MMA bag and found your bags. since then, every single person that saw my bag wanted one.

i do have a couple of questions for you if i may:

1) how hard is it to replace the velcro? the one on my side pocket of my core bag are no longer holding.

2) do you offer international shipping? in the near future i would like to buy the Core bag instead of the battlepack that i have right now but i moved to Israel a few months back.
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