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Re: Two old pop for dirty tests..

Originally Posted by Marshall Flagg View Post

If someone truly strives to be "clean" they better damn well know what they are putting in their bodies. Or at least know how to beat the test which quite a few crossfit athletes are skilled at.
How do you know this and who.
Originally Posted by Helen M Brennan View Post
it is the athletes personal responsibility to know what medications/substances are banned.... there are many athletes to are subjected to a ban for taking a banned substance in ignorance.

it would behoove all athletes to read up on the WADA rules and regs. there is also a list of banned substances.

If CF wishes to continue to promote itself as a sport then inevitably CF will need to adhere to WADA rules
again i say ignorance is no defence especially when you promote yourself as an elite athlete.

Agreed 100%.
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