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Re: Slater Coe Workout Log

3RM Back Squat - 345. Hit it and realized I had more, so tried 355, but wasn't in it mentally. Next time.

2. Strength
In 10 Minutes
Find 1RM Push Press - 245, missed 252 twice. Almost had it the first time. Would have been a lifetime PR.
In 10 Minutes Find 1RM Split Jerk - 265, missed 280 twice. Technique wasn't great, so 280 probably was only going to happen if I got a little lucky.

3. Interval
Every 3 Minutes until failure
Row 20/15 Calories
12 Thrusters 115/85lbs
3 Pull Ups
Rest remainder.
Increase Pull Up reps by 3 each interval.
Finished 6 round (18 pullups) with 1sec to spare. Cut it there.

4. Accessory
For Time:
100′ Sled Push
Heavy AF
Make sure weight and conditions can be replicated for re-test week.
502lbs. 1:25.87, with 15sec mis-start where I couldn't get it to budge to get it moving. After got it going, I was methodical, with about 2 or 3 stops. Went from bricks to second storm gate for 100'.
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