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Re: Pendlay NEXGEN Bearing class vs. Bushing class

Originally Posted by Glenn Pendlay View Post
Good call. Within the past week, I have watched a 19 year old male clean 440lbs, jerk 440lbs, and front squat 507lbs on a Pendlay bushing bar. I have also watched an 11 year old girl snatch 48kg and clean and jerk 60kg on a Pendlay needle bearing bar. And, a 10 year old beginner push his max from 28kg to a heroic 32kg attempt on a Pendlay bushing Junior or 10kg bar. My 7 year old son William also cleaned 26kg and failed in the jerk on the Pendlay "william" bar, the 5kg aluminum bar a couple of days ago.

And, a 61 year old woman lift 41kg for a double on the snatch, on a Zhangkong bar, because her granddaughter was using the Pendlay womens bar.

No matter what bar you are using, get some weight overhead!

walk up to something that you have never lifted before, and put it over your head. no greater feeling in the whole world, IMO. doesnt matter if you are real good or a beginner, doesnt matter if you are 10 years old or 60 years old. lift it up, hold it up there, and look around and be proud. greatest feeling in the world, try it and you will see.


I'll be placing my order on the 17th once your new bars are available. Thanks for the help!
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