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Rob McBee
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Re: Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Hey Tommy,

Look up the 'build your own' plans for a lifting platform. Coach Burgener has them on his site: has easy to follow plans too. Local grain/feed supply store will have rubber matting for the edges of the platform and to cover the floor in general. Invest in a quality barbell/bumpers though. Google Pendlay or Elite Barbell, good stuff there.

I got a valve cover box at Home Depot the other day thats perfect for box jumps. It was about $30. PVC for practice O-lift barbells are just a couple of bucks each too.

I originally bought a pullup/dip station and it takes up more valuable space than its worth really. I do all my pullups on the rings so the station only gets used some for higher rep dips. Google "Legend Half-Rack". It will address your rack needs, smaller than a full power rack, and has the pullup bar built on. Maybe a little pricey but more than worth it long term because you'll use it almost every workout.

Anyway, just some thoughts off the top of my head. Have a blast setting up your space. Looks awesome...
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