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Pull-up bar/dip station issue

Well i just moved in a new house with my mom(im 18yo) and she let me do all i want with the basement(legally speaking). So as a new crossfiter, I decided to do a home gym.
That's the room:

Im pretty low on budget so i would prefebraly want to build all i can as I'm pretty good at building things and i can get my hand on pretty cheap wood.

I though what would be the best to do pull-ups and dips on and honestly, i really don't know. I though of a power cage, a separate pull-up bar and a dip station,etc..

So if you guys have any tips to give me, i would really be interessed to know. And if you could supply some pictures of similar things that would fit my needs that would be awesome.

So thanks for your help.

BTW: I can't really directly hang a bar on that beam as it is really low. Im only 5'8 and i can touch the bottom of that beam without lifting my feet off the floor. Sorry for that long post.
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