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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

Im sure it will be more of the same with twists and turns. We are always looking for some special announcement. Like with Smith, Rich and Matt are at the ranch.. looking for epic battle then oh repeat workout where the short guy wins and the tall guy lost. Ho hum.. yawn… Throw in something crazy Castro I dare you.

Hand stand walks because Castro opened up the measuring marks in 16.1 and they have scaled division so people can do that one if they can't walk on hands.

Pistols- its not that hard to judge them. Just like any other movement in the open some perfect form, some crap#y form and everything in between. Again they offer scaled.

Rope climbs-

Some maxes - Snatch, OHS from ground?

Maybe 2 separate scored workouts so that people can't just focus on one. 1 burner and 1 longer chipper?

Remember what ever he announces celebrate it and know that everyone has to do the workout. You are not special.

My goals are the following:
Be nice to my loved ones and the people around me during this high possible stress time.
Push harder than I have in the past- place higher expectations on myself and live up to it.
Not care at the leader board - that is going to be tough.
1 and done
Do the workout every Friday 5pm.
Just have fun and know that people are watching me. I want to give them a good show and motivate them with giving it my all and being a good sport about it.
Beat my two training partners Kyle and Corey!

Good luck!
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