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Re: USAW Cert. vrs. CrossFit Oly Cert.

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
To get things back on track I already have done the CrossFit Oly Cert with coach B. Yes it was very good.

My question is will I learn enough new information at a USAW Cert. to justify the cost and time?

So far we have not heard from anyone who has done both and can offer a side by side comparison.
Brendan, I've done both. USAW recently redid their certification structures and the current curriculum for an L1 Sport Performance Coach is different than the L1 Club Coach curriculum from a few years ago. (I've taken the most current certification)

It's definitely a step up from the CF SME cert. Coach B teaches you to coach beginners. USAW gets a little more nitpicky about mechanics and how to correct it.

The end of my cert was about programming and volume...but it was very very brief. The level 2 curriculum goes in it more in depth, but you need the L1 first, of course.

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