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Re: Jason's Workout Log

I ended up getting sick somewhere in the middle of all that and took a few days off of training. Because of that I had to stagger my weeks stuff and ended up progressing a few session into a 5th week here:

A. 10 min EZ:
15 cal AirBike
10ft HS Walk
3 Basic Ring Swings
3 Ring Swing into Pull-up - focus on getting those feet down after kip -
Completed 5 rounds
B. 15 Chest to Bar per 2 min x 1 set, into…
15 Toes to Bar x 1 set
Completed, no real big issues, C2B were pretty good regular kip again, T2B were good
C. EMOM x 20 mins @ High Effort:
1st - 10 cal Rowing @ 1,500 cal/hr
2nd - 10 OHS @ 45kg
3rd - 10 cal Rowing @ 1,500 cal/hr
4th - 10 Box Jump Overs @ 24” - all the way over completed all sets 20-25s per, moved well, breathing good D. 2 sets @ 85-90%/High Effort:
5 min Rowing
3-5 min Walk
5 min AirBike
3-5 min Walk
I ran out of time for this. We had hockey tournament etc all day on Saturday. I tried but really just ran out of time

A. 10 min EZ:
10 cal Rowing
10ft HS Walk
10 rounds even, HS walking is getting much better
B. Push Press, work to a challenging single - 85kg, I shut this down at a good challenging single I did not want form going south so happy with this for today
C. Prep/Warm-up
D. 20 min @ 85-90%/High Effort:
45 DU’s
15 cal AirBike
15 Russian KBS @ 32kg
15 Push-ups
7 rounds on the nose. Moved well, berthing was in check all good
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