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Mark Meekins
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I have been having this pain in my hip area when I am squatting below parallel. When I say hip pain its just what it is. It feels like the whole hip area. I have been having this pain for quite some time now in both of my hips. Not so much in the left area. Really in the right hip though. I thought if I layed off of squats for awhile it would go away, but it didnt.

How did I injury it. The left area which started first I think was do to squatting I belive. I think it might of acted up, because at after I get done doing a back squat I tend to bounce a bit at the top. When I do that I can actually feel that area start to act up so I stop doing that, and it really dosent bother me anymore.

The right I did at home. It had nothing to do with training. I was at home. I did something, dont remember exacatly what it was. When I did it though it hurted. Ok I might remember what happened. I remember walking around my bed. Just as I was about to turn to get around it my leg went in a ackward direction, and at that moment I felt a sharp pain in my hip area.

Ok maybe to point out the area a little bit more. When I do frankenstein, or whatever you would like to call them. Its when you keep your legs straight, and you kick them up as high as you can. I can feel, and also hear my hip area pop.

I dont know whats wrong with my hip, or how I can fix the problem. Just wanting to know if you guys could help me out with the problem, and maybe even fix it.

No I didnt go see a doctor yet. Was wanting to see what you guys think about it first.
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