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Re: New to the Forum? ***READ THIS FIRST***

Originally Posted by Daniel Duane View Post
Hey there, quick question: what role does the main page WOD play in the overall CF picture? I've always assumed everybody was out there doing the MP WOD, but I'm getting the sense, through the forums, that I've been wrong. Given that, is the MP WOD meant to be partly inspirational/motivational? Related question: the main page WOD, at times, appears to be designed for truly elite-level athletes. The recent Garrett, for example. I know there are progressions for all these exercises: is that what most CFers are doing? Finding the progression that's right for them?

Please forgive my cluelessness; I'm just realizing that I've had some mistaken assumptions, and I'd love to get a fuller picture.

1) There are a lot of CF gyms out there that do their own programming and post their WOD's online. Some a lot of people will follow their favorite gym's WODs, and not necessarily the mainpage.

2) The majority of people cannot do the mainpage WOD as prescribed, without scaling it. There are some rather insane WOD's, such as the one you pointed out, that I'd guess <5% of the population of CF'ers can do.

Go to the BrandX site and figure out what level of intensity you can handle, and improve from there.
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