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Rehab protocol for Shoulder tendon Needle guided aspiration

I had a Shoulder tendon Needle guided aspiration to remove some calcification in one of my rotater tendons 3 week ago.

It was feeling better, so I decided to some light 5lb cuban presses and 5lb lying external rotations, to start the rehab process. I had used these movements before to rehab a previous shoulder injury.

Well this was a big mistake as my shoulder was killing me the next day. It was barely mobile and felt as bad as the day after the procedure. I guess I should have taken the "intense stretch" sensation as a bad thing.

To the point, does anyone have a good protocol for rehabbing from a similar or the same procedure? I thought the movements above were pretty safe, but maybe I just need to let my shoulder recover for longer before starting them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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