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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

It's Friday and we are both tired... be nice to rest the weekend. So i had absolutely no idea what we were going to do today, i felt we would go with the flow and sort of come up with something in the car. Last minute thinking is quite fun sometimes. Today will be a partner workout, share the load but still had no idea what we should do. Came up with first thing during the warm up and after that we just came up with stuff.

Warm up

row and run for 8min in total
some pipe work and a general light stretch

chat and get ready... total 30min

Partner - share the load 50/50
We broke the reps up into 10s or 5s

100 cal ski erg for time = 6.50 (1630m)
100 KB swings 12/20kgs = 2.26
100 sit ups = 3.58
110 power cleans 20/40kgs = 3.56
100m each of walking lunges = 5.03

So as you can see we kept everything to 100s apart from the power clean... the wife counted to 70 twice which meant we did 10 to many reps . After the ski erg we just picked something and went with it but still with some thought behind it as we covered the whole body more or less. We caught our breath back between movements and then gave it 100% again.
Oh and i ****ed the wife off on the ski erg..... i told her to test the set up and get the feel but she actually started to work on the 100 cals.. I wasn't ready as i was putting magnesium on my hands so i slowly jumped on and reset it.... boy did she get ****ed at me she did 10cals for nothing...

Cool down
clean up and a good stretch of the upper body and a little lighter on the legs today. around 20min i would say.

and that was the end of another great week
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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