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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday was rest day but played a round of golf.

Thursday and a little tired but slept well. Wife was in a good mood and looking forward to today.

Plan - snatch.

Warm up

60 cal row nice and easy
PVC pipe work
extensive warm up for the snatch including mobility.
All in all 35min i would say

Snatch - technique and take the weight as far as you like, as many reps as you like.

Wife - a little rusty today and not so solid in getting the bar over her head. She started to build confidence but kept the barbell to 15kgs/33lbs. She had the tendancy to jump into the bar rather than drive it up and pull herself in under. made a couple of small adjustments, lifting her backside up in her starting position, which pushed her shoulders more in front of of the bar together with her knees and also making sure she is on her heels in the pull. This made a massive change in the path of the bar and her lifts were way better. By the end she felt a lot more confident.

Myself - feeling good from the start, also a little rusty as i have not lifted for about 10 days or so. All of the lifts were singles and i took my time between them to ensure my techinque was there.

70kgs/154lbs x1

The lifts felt quite good most of the time but i was not consistant. Once the bar got heavier the muscle memory kicked in. i was pleased with all the lifts at 65 and 70kgs, solid catches in the hole and no problem driving them up. I had 3 really good failures at 72kgs and the final failure was the worst but still maybe 90% good. If i made the choice to save a bad lift i guess i would have made it but if i do not catch it in the hole and stable i will dump/bail out.

Cool down
clean up and stretch for 20min and reflect on the day.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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