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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 12, WEEK 1, DAY 1 9_28_17 Thursday
Massage therapist: ql is tight
Psoas are tight
Glute medius is tight
Chiro: you were right about the rib-2 out; also sacro iliac. ?? Take it easy no deadlifting/squatting for a while. (Like that's gonna happen). Really sore but feels like adducter (my inner thigh to hip) and hip flexor or something, I don't think it's really the joint idk. I figured go for it either have to stop or it'll be ok. Injury will be the deload. Mitigated injury site issues by squeezing that ***.

78#/5 5 4 rep pr; I had the last except breath. Prob won't repeat
102#/5, 4, 4 ugh
Lte 40#/12, 10, 5+5 at 35#
Ste 17.5#/10, 8, 8
Cable pressdowns 50#/10, 40#/10, 40#/5+30#/7+20#/6, 40#/6+30#/6+20#/6
No hyper. I couldn't get on the bent ab thing they do have, also rowers taken.
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