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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 11, WEEK 3, DAY 2 9_22_17 Thursday
*sigh*. wake/funeral fri/ sat. inlaws got in during my session. I keep my phone to use the app, but texts during squatting? no. just no.
although its another reason to train, seeing my FIL's SO who can't move alone. they're 80 and 7x. Id rather die under the squat rack!!!
SQUAT Singles
165#, 175#, 190# F, 185# 185# a **** show
88#/2 (2), 100#/2 (2), 105#/2, 110#/2, 115#, 125#, 132-133#
kinda crap, not as crisp and fast as I'd like, especially at the end. I didnt get under the 13x# well shoulda dropped more, kinda surprised haven't hit that in a while, and I didnt drop it.
Pullup one, a halfassed one. kinda done with Gravitron
Lat Pulldowns huh. I felt my lats for a change.
80#/10 (too much arm)
70#/10 (3)
Pendlay Row 88#/5 (2) not feeling lats
Dumbbell Row 17.5#/5, 20#/5 eh.
another set of lat pulldowns
Curls 50#/10 (2)

I take it back, that the board's letting me post. PITA keeps signing me in and immediately out.
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