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Re: Xebex rower/air bike

Originally Posted by Shawn M Wilson View Post
I think the easiest method would be 10 sprints over say 5 days per athlete and rower?

Measure either calories in a set time and meters in a set time?

4-5 people doing 10 sprints with enough time to rest and redo per rower should give some similar results as an average. Compare averages? Obviously the more sprints done gives a better average (toss out highest and lowest?) and go from there?

Then compare results between the two. If one rower has people finishing 50 calories 10 seconds as a mean average faster than there would be an obvious difference in how calories are calculated.
We ran some tests and found it relatively comparable. Crossfit HQ specified in 16.4 that rower must be "indoor rower similar in type and calibration to Concept 2"

I believe our's can be considered similar in type and calibration. We're finalizing the data and will put it into a bar chart. (WFS)
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