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Re: Xebex rower/air bike

Originally Posted by Shawn M Wilson View Post
I'm torn about getting a rower again. My oldest son loves to row but I had to sacrifice space and room with a few pieces of equipment that I used to have (had to get rid of my prowler and sled also).

Redid the garage some to make the wife happy and with Christmas coming I'm possibly leaning this way for him and myself. Would you guys say this rower is worth pursuing over the c2 or just stick with what we know?
I haven't used the Xebex Rower, but like Peter said it uses different settings. This disclaimer was on their website:

Xebex Rowers use their own unique damper settings and formula for tracking distance and calories. Xebex Rowers will not use the same metrics as other competitor rowers.

Something I would keep in mind.
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