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Re: Deadlift Form Check

Overall looks pretty good.

Hips look a bit high at the start of the first rep--your torso is almost parallel to the floor. The reps after that have a better start position. It looks like you have pretty long femurs, so you're probably going to have a relatively high hip start position, but I would suggest sitting your butt back and down just a little bit more and toy with that for a while.

I agree with Chris that it looks like you're missing a bit of extension at the top. Work on squeezing the glutes to finish the pull and that should sort it out. (No need to overdo it though and throw your shoulders back or thrust your hips forward--just squeeze the glutes hard and keep braced)

Only other thing is it looks like the weight is pretty light for you, but reps are a bit slow. If you're still getting comfortable with the deadlift or that weight is heavy for you, that's fine. But, assuming you're comfortable with your form/proficiency and the weight is relatively light, don't be afraid to pull that sucker a little faster. Controlled but quick--make sure you don't jerk it off the floor and lose your midline positioning.
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