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Re: Severe facet arthritis

I've self diagnosed myself with facet syndrome (arthritis) in my thoracic, I'm interested in what makes the pain worse? and what where the symptoms when the accident happened? I hyper extended whilst bench pressing and had burning pains between my scapula's for months and occasionaly pain around the sternum and around my ribs.

At the moment (almost 10 months later) I'm getting occasional stiffness and soreness, perhaps turn't arthritic? Im only 18 aswell.

I've looked in a few books about this, apparently facet joint arthritis is the only type of arthritis where "training" relieves the pain, but they had not specificed what kind of training that was.

I quote from Mark Rippetoe "Facet joint injuries will heal like everything else if you quit ****ing them off."

Since the facet joints don't go through a large range of mation relative to others, have you tried to just limit extension and remain neutral for a while?
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