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There has been some talk of late about workouts in the pool and they have all centered around surface swimming activities. Breathing is for sissies...let's get hypoxic.

Your objective is to see how long it takes you to kick, with fins, underwater for 20 lengths of a 25 yard pool. You must stay underwater from wall to wall for the length to count and you can stop to breathe at each end for as long as you want to but of course the clock is ticking and you will lose a lot of time with all that breathing nonsense. I suggest you have a counter or some items on the deck to pile up to count your laps, as you are likely to lose your place.

If you have not done this before you should have someone ready to rescue you from your shallow water black out. If you start to get tunnel vision and little sparkles show up in front of you, surface immediately as you are about to go unconscious. Do not undertake this lightly and take safety precautions.

Though certainly a test of your ability to fin quickly and efficiently, as well as a check on your ability to utilize O2 captured in your lungs, it is also a test of will. The desire to breathe is a rather pressing and demanding drive and it will be very difficult to overcome the fear that you are about to expire right there in the pool. Get over it. You have the whole rest of the day to breathe.

I did it in 11:58 this morning. Matt...some of you other swimmers out there, push me for a better time.
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