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Re: WBS -Karen

6:38 is a really great time.Like the trash talk.

Try using a heavy wall ball training- 25,30,40 or more.

See what your Karen time with a 30# would be.

I have done 5:55 with a 20# and 8+ with the 30#.

Also try doing high rep thrusters with various weights.

Don't let this hurt your other training. Push presses, pistols, squats off all kind high reps will help. Heck get some HSPU, GHD's also in.

Keep on training. You will kick his butt. Do it for us old guys.

I might pace the thing. Long sets with short breaks. 40 rest 5 seconds, 30 rest 5 seconds, then some 20's and 20's then what ever you have to do to finish. One of the keys is short breaks. Stay under getting so fatigued that you are no repping .
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