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Re: WBS -Karen

So many factors come into play here.
Engine is key as well as pace

There is always a mind game too. If you know the guy you are facing will keep going to not let you get ahead and you think you can outlast him, making him redline early can help with a win. His desire to hit 70 unbroken when his max is 55-60 can suck him dry for the last 1/2 of that fight. From there it is keeping the lead.

Doing OMEM are good.
Weighed chest can help.
Heavier ball

The question is are you going to focus a ton on one event or train as normal?

I held the top squat in our gym for a while. Then the young guy came in, we were close for a while and he just blew by me. With youth comes many things.

Use your brain. Find his weakness and strength and go from there.

Good luck!
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