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WBS -Karen

What is the best way to get batter at Karen. I have a time of 6:38 currently. I want to go faster and I would love to go unbroken. What should I do to accomplish this. I have done 75 to 90 unbroken already but I didn't focus on how many I could do in a row.I k ow my endurance has slipped ao that has to get back. What else would help? Doing wbs in a vest (I just like using a vest), extra squats or a cycle?
The story behind this is I am the current leaderboard record hdr at our gym. I just turned 40 not that it matters. We have a 27-28 year old who squats a ton and tells me he will beat. His cardio is that good. We talk a lot of trash all in fun but now they are setting up a showdown for us in August. Any help to the old guy here would be appreciated.
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