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Re: Mainsite Programing

As a fairly long time Crossfitter here is my take.

I actually compete at Crossfit and do reasonable well in the Open (top 5-6% worldwide for the last few years) which I guess is a reasonable enough way to evaluate whether or not you do Crossfit. I rarely look at the MP anymore but I can likely put up fairly respectable times and do all of the WODs as Rx'd 99% of the time.

I have decent (but not great) lifting numbers. I am decent at what Crossfit calls gymnastics as well as I can do 30 MUs and HSPUs and pull ups, ring dips etc.

Most importantly I have not followed MP Crossfit for years and likely have seen better and more progressive gains because of it.

The biggest issue is exactly what has been stated before, there is no progression at all to it. There are crossfit athletes who incorporate some of the WODs into their routine but most of them are doing so much more that it is completely inconsequential to their success.

I would hazard to guess that pretty much everyone at Regionals this year would have won the Games from 2007-2010 or at least be very close. That is how much the landscape of this has changed.

A long time ago Tony Budding and Pat Sherwood were involved in programming as was Glassman......not sure who does it. Do I think MP could work for someone....yes. Do I think it is the fastest way to get better ? No.
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