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Re: Team Wods, a resource

4 Deadlift
8 min AMRAP:
Amrap Overhead Squat 40/30
8 Burpee when you drop the barbell, your partner carries on with OH-Squat
6 Deadlift
6 min Amrap:
Amrap Snatch 40/30
8 Deadlift
4 min Amrap:
Partner Burp-Wallball (Burp not burpee! So no pushup!)
10 Deadlift
3 min Amrap:
Partner Target Burpee
12 Deadlift

We have 3 minutes to perform the Deadlifts. Increase weight for every round. This wod was a little bit dangerous. The deadlifts got pretty heavy at the end and technique was breaking down, careful with this one
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