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Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer

Your senses are probably higher than the normal person, but I can't say I think much of what I consider what would be normal. Still this shows promise. I'm dismayed sometime of what normal people senses are limited to ( I am talking about some of the people that I work with, especially in a new job that is mostly marketing ).

Obviously, you were not ready to confront them until you had someone leading you or going with you. What was this person like?

You might want to think about that.

While I like most of the Blauer stuff, if you were to go after him; you need to be ready to take them offensively versus be defensive.

Self Defense begins with the ability to be offensive. If you can't be offensive...well, it's kind of pointless and better to just evade and escape. This requires more than just the physical H2H training but mental/emotional preparation to take the offensive.
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