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Chasing down a pickpocketer

Well it's not as glorious as it may sound, but I was a bit pysched.

After Mass I noticed a younger man out of place, sitting in the back pew. A few moments later standing outside he ran past me with a wad of money he stole from a women's purse. Everyone just stood there and watched while I immediately started walking, just to see where he was going. But, I really wanted to sprint him down despite a false inhibition holding me back. Finally an usher came up behind me and said, "hey let's get him." I sprinted, kicking off my dress shoes along the way, running through the grass near the highway. As I approached the man I asked for the money back, which he handed over.

While, my instinct should have been near instant, which I want to work on developing, I am sure that without Crossfit I wouldn't have had the confidence or desire to attempt to run in such a situation. But since CF I want to be one of the silent protective watchdogs that someone in the CF Journals wrote about.

This experience illustrated my weakness of senses. I noticed the out of place man before the incident occured, but was distracted and thought nothing more of it. A mistake.

And lastly, I need to increase my amount of sprinting because this guy wasn't too fast a runner to begin with.

Despite the revealed weakness to improve on I thank Crossfit for the ability and desire to respond in this situation. It's also interesting what adrenaline does to a person...
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