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Re: Gymnastics CF hybrid?

Steven, Thanks! yes I can hold F/B levers for few seconds. But I still do lots of partial holds as well. HS away from the wall... well, it was on and off for many months, only last 2-3 months it is more or less continuous practice, it is still work in progress and I guess it will stay for a long time. I am pretty sure anyone can do free-standing HS in a couple of weeks, but to do it with proper form and for extended time takes practice. I first reached 1 min standing with pretty bad shape, it was so hard!!! It is way easier with better form today. Last week achievement was to learn fully relax shoulders while pressing all the way up.
BTW yesterday I was able to do straight arms press to HS for the first time (only one time, was not able to repeat it yet), it is all in hips!!! if you bring them over far enough feet will leave the ground without any effort
Shoulder stand on rings is easy, took just 5 min of practice 2-3 days in a row and one more to learn to decent slowly from Shoulder stand to L-sit.
It is harder to do on home-style short straps rings.
I am not sure if it is a good idea to alternate gymnastics periods with lift periods. Except strength side there is also technique which is learned and maintained the best with continuous practice even for hardest moves. Take for example same shoulder stand, first time you do it you apply a lot of force to keep yourself in balance, once you did it a couple of times you will notice that you really need very little strength to do it properly.
Also I noticed that to have any kind of progress in planche/V-sit/Straddle I have to do them at least few times a week. maybe if a break is needed because of no progress, start working on other skills instead. There is so much to learn. I do not know who can have enough time for more than 2-3 apparatus per session. Out of 2 hours of practice my favorite rings take 70% of time in the gym, pommel horse/floor takes 30% (and there is much less progress on those). I believe there would be no progress at all if I divided my time for more than 2 events per practice. But maybe it is just me... if I can't do something from the first time (and I never can ) I will try again and again, until fatigue doesn't start to impact execution. Watch doesn't always dictate when i have to switch to another apparatus. Do you guys think it is the right way to do gymnastics?
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