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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

If you dig a little deeper into this guy, it just gets worse and worse. In 40-44 division, he goes from 3,048th to SECOND in just two years, and then (at first pass) winning this year?? PED questions, big time (esp. if you look at him)

He qualifies as an individual in 2016, doesn't go, but does the Masters qualifiers. Out of the nine workouts he does in 2016, his finishes were 6-2-1-39-10-19-2-14, and......

wait for it......142nd!

Guess which of those nine scores he had to send in a video for?

So, his reputation as an honest competitor is one thing, but then if you dig into his professional reputation, it gets WAY sketchy. His (varied and multi-named) business reviews on Yelp paint a very dicey picture. Bait and switch schemes, overpriced, it's just not good at all.
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