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Pat Janes
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I'm currently working on oly lifts in addition to the WOD. I'm following the:

DAY 1 Warm-up/WOD/Snatch 8sets x 2reps
DAY 2 Warm-up/WOD/C&J 10sets x 1rep
DAY 3 Warm-up/WOD/REST

idea that has been posted here and it's working pretty well. Only done a few cycles, but I'm getting into the "groove" better.

I've just got the World Class Coaching tapes, so I'll also be working some drills in addition to the above.

As well as the oly lifts, I've started an adult gymnastics class, which I should be attending twice a week, but ends up being more like once every 2 weeks. This is not specifically addressing strength deficits, but with ring work, parallel bars, floor etc, there are certainly strength elements involved.

Coming from a bit of a raw strength deficit myself I was tempted to try Coach Rutherford's CrossFit ME template described in the latest Performance Menu journal, but I couldn't bring myself to give up the WOD as written. So for now, I'll be working stuff in addition to the WOD.
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