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Frank Menendez
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One thing I haven't really experimented with is changing my caloric intake during non-WOD days. Even when I was strickly into weight training, I kept my intake the same on non-workout days.

I just had an interesting experience. Before starting today's WOD I was a little hungry, once I finished the workout and was halfway done with my customary 3 block post-workout snack, I realize I was about to eat the rest simply for the sake of habit! I decided to stop and right now I don't feel hungry at all! I had breakfast at 7:30 and usually eat my next meal at aroun d3.

I need to watch this more closely, particularly if it has more to do with thirst than with hunger, but if this is the case, then arguably eating a 3 block snack on days I don't workout is likely to be excess calories!

Do you folks change your intake on non-WOD days? Does your post-workout snack/shake (if applicable) change in quantity according to "how your body feels after the workout?"

Thanks in advance!
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