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I've been training for my first sprint triathlon. I've been doing 2 swim workouts a week at 5:30am and the WOD at night and thats basically it. I hadn't been on a bike in about 25yrs. and did 2 training rides prior to a 'practice' sprint tri at my gym. I just wanted to see if I could finish too and still came in 4th out of 18.

While not being at all endurance/tri specific, I think the WOD also prepares you mentally for the 'hurt' so you can keep going, making the WOD a nice tool for the sprint distance.

Focus on the swim, its too technique intensive not to. 2x a week for 2-3 months should be plenty. Practice the whole event a few times, its great mental prep and confidence booster. Maybe skip some of the straight ME/strength WODs and practice going from the bike immediately into running, even if its in a stationary bike/treadmill scenario. And basically ditto to what John W. said above.
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