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John Wopat
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John, It's always tough to squeeze everything in. Here's some thoughts. CF gives your the basic horsepower to get through a sprint in fine form; metcon WODs, many of which have a run component which should enable you to skip one run session a week in your tri training. CF offers no bike WODs so you may want to skip one metcon WOD in favor of a bike workout to get comfortable with bike handling and distances. CF offers no formal swim WODs although people post swim WODs on the message board. Here again, consider subbing a swim WOD for a metcon WOD, but also add a straight swim workout so you have 2 swims a week. A sprint swim is short, so do 10x50 @1:00 or some 200's w/ :15 sec. rest. Mix it up. Be sure your technique is good; if you're going to compete, get to a Total Immersion weekend and really learn proper form. Once I did, I was getting out of the water 1st or 2nd in my age group which set me up for the rest of the race. Whatever you do, feel free to experiment, get proper rest and, above all, have fun. John Wopat IM '91, '94.
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