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Re: Jon's Journal

Yesterday - Rest Day
Hung my rings. Work fine for dips but will definitely have to setup outside somewhere for muscle-ups. Not enough height in basement.

Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

I had only done overhead squats with PVC, but for some reason I thought I would be able to do this WOD as prescribed. I started with 95 lbs. and did 10 reps and realized I could never do 5 rounds with it. I scaled back to 65 lbs. and started again. I had to use my elliptical since it was dark and snowing outside. In the later rounds I had to sub. back squats for OHS. The rounds went as follows:

Rnd. 1- 65 lbs. OHS/15 reps. - .25 Mi. @ #10 resistance
Rnd. 2- 65 lbs. OHS/15 reps. - .25 Mi. @ #10 resistance
Rnd. 3- 65 lbs. OHS/7 reps. BS/8 reps. - .25 Mi. @ #10 resistance
Rnd. 4- 65 lbs. OHS/10 reps. BS/5 reps. - .25 Mi. @ #10 resistance
Rnd. 5- 65 lbs. OHS/8 reps. BS/7 reps. - .25 Mi. @ #10 resistance

Finished 21:40 - Gives me something to reference next time.
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