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Eric Moffit
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sometimes i feel like we are constantly finding ways to sedate ourselves...trying to fulfill needs as best we can...but we only succeed in fooling ourselves that we essentially lack something. i would go so far as saying that when i suffer, im truly living. not really in a masochistic sense, but rather, in the sense that maybe suffering is the natural state of the honest man...the man who doesnt try to dull the hunger or the hurt. the man who doesnt fool himself into thinking true life is anything but a fight and a struggle. the man who doesnt get drunk to dull the pain when his wife cheats on him...the man who just lets it hurt because sometimes we need to hurt and because the hurt helps us grow.

and please dont take this as me writing off life as joyless and without purpose. certainly there are joys in every man's life...i just think we are fundamentally missing something...something that would enable true happiness that is lasting (infinite??).
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