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So what's with the philosophical rant here Barry? With this and the "Meaningful Activity" post also here in Community, it appears you are somewhat absorbedn with head games, mental pursuits, psychoanalysis...heady stuff if you will pardon the pun.

As to brothel resiliency...I'm going to guess that necessity is the mother of intention, if you will allow my hijacking a coloquialism. If you must do you can make yourself want to do and call it your intention rather than your prison. Those stuck in a life of pain and a poverty of opportunity make due or die. If you must you will.

The little girl in Calcutta is stuck and has resigned herself to a fate of poverty and rather than wallow in misery she is making lemonade. For her life is indeed pain and suffering and for her coming to grips with that reality and embracing her fate allows her to cope with her wretched existance. It is important for her that she deal with her reality just as she is or she will surely her suffering would be worse. This is a rather Buddhistic outlook of a mortal life of pain and suffering as a path to Nirvanna and I have to believe she found that view on her own as I doubt she has had much opportunity for a religious upbringing.

I think her statement is dead on accurate for her and those like her. Indeed, life for the people trapped as she is must be nothing but pain and suffering...that's what her life is all about. For anyone who reads this post pain and suffering is generally limited to our workouts. We have a soft and perfect life full of convienence, luxury and lack of want. Some of us want for less than others to be sure but none of us here scratch out a meager hand to mouth existance with genuine concern for where our next meal is coming from. In our land of plenty we live well and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of effort. For me Barry life is joy and happiness and I could not be happy being poor. Poverty Sucks as the poster so eloquently reveals and I want no part of it. My happiness, my joy revolves around keeping my kids happy and providing for them. Oh, and spending time in my gym...where I am going now by the way.
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