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Like many, I've had similar problems. Mine comes down to being built wrong, which results in patellar tracking issues. This causes wear on the rear of the patellar which in turn causes pain and clicking/grinding. My wife has had the same, although more severe issues and has had a patelofemoral recon on both knees. My left was clicking, grinding and painful before crossfit and is fine 6 mths in. The right was fine before crossfit, but is now painful. A scan of both shows that my right tracks worse than my left. So my pain now makes sense! :crazy:. The remedy (apparently), apart from a recon, is warming up, stretching the whole quad area including the ITB and strengthing the VMO muscle (teardrop above kneecap on inside). The jury's still out on whether any of this works as my right knee is a work in progress. Worth a try though.
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