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To echo, I'm really glad this thread got started b/c I've been having similar problems.

About 2 months ago I noticed crackling/clicking in both knees. Gradually I started to develop knee pain. The pain was in the tendons (quad and patellar), not in the joint itself.

Through trial and error I found out a couple of things

Bad stuff:
- rowing: going past perpendicular with your shins in relation to the ground. Not pushing through with your heels.
- not balancing your stretching. I committed to daily stretching about the same time I started having pain. I looked at my routine and realized I was doing 3 or 4 hamstring stretches and 0 quad stretches. I've remedied that and I feel better.
- demoing squat cleans cold. I tell all my clients to warmup, so what do I do? Jump straight into a lifting demo w/o warming up. Stupid.

Good stuff:
- taking time off. I took a solid week off, then did a few weeks where I didn't really use my legs (ala the working wounded article in the journal).
- icing my knees and cold water baths. Tip: don't ice your knees, take the ice pack off, then immediately try to walk anywhere quickly. That quad tendon stays a little stiff for a while.
- full deep squats. Back squats make my knees feel better.
- getting in a really good warmup with full range of motion.

Hope this helps a few people. If anybody else has some suggestions please let me know.
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