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Pain in butt and lower back question

A few weeks ago I started to feel a little pain in my lower back on my left side only. It is not too bad, but noticeable. About a week later, I got a pain in my right glute. It is low and in one spot only. Kind of hurts when I sit on it. At first I thought it was just sore, but now I realize that it is something else. Then, yesterday after doing a ton of pistols, my other side got the same thing. The lower back pain is still there on my left side and I am wondering if the two are related. I thought the pain in the butt might be sciatica, but I'm not sure it's in the right place. And it doesn't go to my leg.
I have only been deadlifting for about six weeks, and I was pushing my squat a little more than I had been, so I am sure it is an overuse thing and maybe a not perfect form thing.
I am using a ball and roller right now as well as stretches for sciatica. I imagine I will have to take a few weeks off from deadlifting and squats as well. Any other recommendations or any ideas about what else it might be?
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