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Re: Interval method of rowing

Very much liking this.

I have not applied it to rowing 'yet', but this is exactly how I did 1000 air squats in just under 26 minutes, key point, without stopping. Once you get going, and legs are already burning, you can take it in 5 rep sections. 2 reps fast, 3 reps, with a nice breath/pause at the top. If this gets too easy, move to 3 reps fast, use 2 reps slight pause, 3 fast, then 2 slow again. Get to 4-1, etc... Maybe someone elses window is 7 fast, and 3 slow, who knows? I have no idea behind the science, but your thinking sounds good. That lactic acid does burn when you are cycling thru them air squats, so those very few slow reps are just enough to allow the burn to fade. Too bad it doesnt work for wall balls.

...and running, would you just go till your huffing too much, then catch breath, repeat? Sounds like a cool way to attack my next 5k time trial, rather than have that last 800m feel like death.

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