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Re: Looking for 1st year membership growth numbers from you.

Originally Posted by Claire Brevidoro View Post
I know CrossFits usually grow pretty quickly and profit soon, but I just want some ACTUAL numbers.
Be careful here. Many affiliates are loosing money month-to-month or are barely breaking even. I think my affiliate was open for 12 months before we were profiting month to month, and I haven't quite yet payed myself back everything I've invested into the gym.

Rent, flooring, equipment, supplies, utilities, insurance, office and cleaning supplies, affiliation fees, continuing education, salaries, and benefits add up to a much, much larger number than most people expect them to.

edit: add in the cost of your security deposit, and improvements you make at your box, painting, exterior signage, permits for the township for improvements/signs, business cards, flyers, and advertising.
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