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Re: Proven year of work doing the Main Site WODs, more to come


New Power clean PR

100 KG x 1

And also 100 Kg x 2 in a clean. Usually I'll do singles so PR volume wise.

Also behind the neck snatch grip push press, 90 KG x 1.

Thanks Joe,

like more than a year ago, I try and got right around 50 something inches on a standing jump, although really I don't lift using triple extension which might help the jumping, I catapult everything, meaning hit it with the hip and go back down so no tripple extension, it makes more sense to hit it and pull down rather than to try to keep pulling the weight up and go back down, the longer your are up, the harder it is to get under the bar, law of gravity always wins, plus every Olympic champion today uses the catapult method type like coach Don Macauley calls it.

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