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Re: What should I do after a car accident?

MRI... do your entire back. When the same thing happened to me, I was lucky enough to be the passenger in the first car to get hit (crazy chica hit us, we hit someone else, they hit person in front of them) so the insurance company of the person I was with paid for everything for me, and then THEY went after the other insurance company. I was OK for about 3 days, then it got bad, I couldn't sleep right for about 2 months. But the MRI showed that I'd heal up and now the only lingering effect is a ringing in my ears that hasn't completely gone away.

BUT... I was told by the docs that you can do injury to your neck / back in an accident like this that wont show up for years - i.e. when you stop being physically active and lose joint mobility.

If it shows up on the MRI now, they can fix it before it becomes a problem and you only get 2 years in most states to make a claim.

Especially if you saw the hit coming you need to get it done. If you didn't see it coming (like me) you were probably much more relaxed and less likely to suffer real damage - ironically.

Good luck.

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