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Re: What should I do after a car accident?

Originally Posted by Nick Cruz View Post
I was rear ended last night on the freeway. I was then pushed into the car in front of me so I had some nice whiplash going on. My car is in pretty bad shape but I was able to walk away from the accident feeling ok. Today, my neck is starting to get a little stiff.

My question is injury in nature but also goes a bit beyond. Should I see a Doc, chiro, someone else? Do I need to speak with a lawyer after an accident or just go straight through the insurance?

Im not one for trying to screw the system, but on the other hand, I dont want to be paying for something down the road (hah hah, "road" "accident".....crickets......).

Anyways, thanks for your input.

Hi Nick,

Sorry to hear of your accident. I hope you are OK.........You probably feel like you were run over by a truck today.

Did the Chippies come out and take a report? Also, was anyone injured as a result of the collision. If there were injuries, the collision report will by policy, be more in-depth. Non-injury collisions are almost always reported in a more simple manner and format.

Contact the office (if the collision was investigated) having jurisdiction for that portion of Freeway. You should have gotten a card from the investigating officer with contact info by which you can get a copy of the report. Go right to the office, even if the report isn't ready, and get a copy of the face page of the report. You are entitled to it, since you were an involved party.

Do not give anyone (other than your insurance agent or the investigating agency) any information. They will likely use it against you later.

Obtain medical attention for any malady you might be suffereing from (complaint of pain, etc.) and obtain documentation for the injury and treatment. If you have medical coverage on your insurance, utilize that for your treatment and let them go after the person who caused the collision for reimbursement.

Also, a word of advice.....If you can delay contacting an attorney, do so. Even your insurance company will not talk to you the moment an attorney becomes involved with a collision investigation, even if you are not at fault. If your own insurance company stonewalls you, then let them know of your intentions to contact an attorney. If they are smart, they will change their tune immediately. Also, the other party's insurance should pay for a rental car for your use until your car can be repaired or replaced. Please forgive my holding forth....I just retired from the CHP, so I'm into the collision investigation thing. Hope this info helps!.
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