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Post The Shed 'O Pain

Welcome to this new thread.

Tim and JT have been crossfitting in the Shed 'O Pain for a couple of years now. Sometimes it is cold (e.g., 7F), sometimes it is hot (e.g., 95F), and sometimes it is just right. Regardless of the conditions, Tim and JT get out into the Shed 'O Pain and work the WODs. They have created some of their own (e.g., KettleBell Hell, The Reservoir, Climb and Crossfit, Tim's Mom Swims) and have worked some of the well known (e.g., Cindy, Karen, Helen).

JT travels a lot, and tries to visit as many Cross Fit Affiliates as he can, especially now that his replacement hip is all healed up. Anyway, he's not always CrossFitting in the Shed 'O Pain but still wants to let Tim know what he's been up to. Similarly, Tim likes to keep JT posted of his latest PR or latest crazy workout or latest bouldering problem send.

Tim and JT will be posting their workout results here. And describing some of their crazy WODs.

Here is one from last summer...
Ten rounds, for time:
Dive off the dock at Tim's Mom's House.
Swim 266 feet.
Climb back on the dock.
21 KB swings.
21 Push Ups.

We hope you enjoy this thread where a couple of unconventional CrossFitters will post both their crazy and conventional results.

Photos and Movies to follow.....

Rock on!
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