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Re: How did your "Murph" go?

Our box also had a great turnout for Murph. Our owner's brother is a Navy Seal, which is pretty cool. Our weather was perfect and the atmosphere was awesome. Everyone cheering each other on and many guys wearing vests.

This was my 3rd time doing Muprh, but this year I have a fractured hand. (I injured it doing a max box jump attempt while training for a partner competition that is tomorrow, that I unfortunately had to pull out of.) As a result I did ring rows with my one good hand (doc said no pulling).

2012 - 64:25 - jumping pull-ups and knee pushups
2013 - 51:10 - RX Cindy style
2014 - 47:25 - not rx. I can do 20 rounds of 5 pullups so I think maybe 2 minutes more for RX?

My goal was to keep a good pace and I really felt good about my pace and my wind. I was sad not to be able to do RX, but I think I may give it a shot once my hand heals so I can see me year-over-year progress.
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