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Shoulder/elbow/bicep "pop" during pullup descent

Hello, I'm pretty new to these boards, but a lot of my research involving issues similar to mine wound up bringing me here, so I figured I'd see if anyone here has some insight for me

I finally put a pullup bar into my apt a few months ago and started training pullups. The thing that bothers me is at at the very bottom of the descent, there is always a kind of "pop" that I originally felt was coming from my shoulder, on the side closest to head. However, as I tried different hand and shoulder positions etc. in an effort to find a form that would make the pop go away, I noticed that sometimes the pop would originate in my elbow, very near to where the bicep joins. And sometimes it would even seem to be spread out, and originate almost from the middle of the bicep itself.

It really doesn't hurt at all but I hate the thought that I'm wearing down some tendon or something with each and every rep, and it's keeping me from upping my reps. Anyone have any ideas?

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