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Re: New member purchased a First Responder family year in advance and wants to cancel on the 2nd week

Its a tough one that but if you have a policy in place they sign from the start specifying the cancelation rules and fee then that would have been great. (you might want to add that.

For example - no matter what happens they must pay 2/3 months from the day they wish to cancel the membership. This will give you 4/6 months fee (2/3 from each of them). Looking at the fact that they have worked out 2 weeks which comes at a cost, you have other admin costs related to them so you need to get your money for that.

Now the thing is that you need to charge them the full rate as if they were monthly members, as i take it a yearly membership gives them a cheaper monthly rate becuase they pay up front.

Question is - would you be happy with that and would they be happy. So if they talk to others they will still give that positive feedback to others.

Would/could this bring a bad vibe to your box in the way you treat them?

In the end your running a business and you need to have a clear policy on things otherwise people will try and get away with anything.

This is not a come and test my box and get the flavour of it, but when i don't want to be a part of it anymore i want my money back. Yes i know he is relocating but still.

tough one Vic buts that my 2 on the matter

I would ask Scott on this one, he has seen it all over the years.
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