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Re: Weighted Pull Ups

use the dip belt, don't kip.

In my opinion, unless the workout is for time, your should not be kipping on a weighted pullup. The whole point of doing them is to develop raw pullup strength. As an example, do you think somone who does a few kipping pullups, but CANNOT do a deadhang pullup should be putting weight on himself?

Same principle as Grace. Grace is ground to overhead anyway possible, in the interest of a better time. On a workout of 3-3-3-3-3, for clean and jerk, you better believe you are expected to focus on proper technique, not just getting it overhead by any means. Same goes for a pullup strength day, get the proper movement with as much extra weight as you can. Kipping kind of works against the concept of max strength in my opinion. (I also don't see the logic in kipping for a 1-rep set of anything)
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